How much does it cost to build garage?

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A detailed design of the garage will help to calculate the necessary costs for the erection of walls and foundation of the base as precisely as possible. Doing preliminary calculations of the cost of the garage, first of all, calculate the components and the costs for the salary of the construction team. The cost of building materials and components includes a window, doors, roof and other elements.

The total cost for the construction of a garage depends on various components, ranging from sizes, types and models of the garage, ending with the quality and type of consumables.

How much does it cost to build garage?

Initially, as soon as the idea of building came, do not think about what it is better to build a garage or how much does it cost to build garage, first you need to think over the design, layout, dimensions, etc. Typical garage sizes include the following:

One car - is a type of garage in which only one car can fit and which has an auxiliary door and windows, as well as a small space for storing different things.

Two cars - this type of garage involves a door on top, a service door and ancillary windows, as well as a large storage space for things.

Two and a half car - This type of garage is one of the most famous among other types. It has a main service door and windows. In addition, in this garage you can store your working tools, bicycles, mopeds and other items.

• Three or more cars - This option is one of the most suitable for those who have several cars, boats or other vehicles, and in it you will find storage space for utensils.

And also the price of the garage depends on the model and type of garage, which are formed depending on the design and there are the following types: Balloon construction, Hip roof garage, Gable roof garage design, I-joist and Reverse gable roof garage design.

Detailed descriptions of garage types can be found in our blog
In addition, garages can be attached to the house of the house or behind it, or built-in under the house itself. There are brick garages, slag-block or metal garages.

Like the types of garages, there is a mass of all kinds of materials from which you can easily build your garage. Among the main options can be identified:

• Metal sheets;

• Reinforced concrete construction;

• Brickwork;

• Wood, boards, slabs, etc .;

• Slag concrete.

All these options are acceptable for building a garage, however, you should consider all these options separately, because each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. We have standard offers and prices for various types of garages.


1 car $ 6999.00 (size 14x20)

1 car and storage $ 7999.00 (size 16x20)

2 car $ 8999.00 (size 20x20)

2 car and storage $ 11,999.00 (size 22x20)

3 car $ 13,999.00 (size 28x20)

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