Garage Designs of All Kinds

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The garage is that property, which has innumerable types and usages. If there is an extra space in the garage, or for some reason it does not store your car, with a competent approach it will not be a big burden for you.

When you want to obtain a garage build made by PLATINUM CONSTRUCTION, you will face various garages, as PLATINUM GARAGE BUILDER has several kinds of garage designs. We install any of garage scheme that you will like.

Garage design can and should bring You at least moral satisfaction, and ideally benefits and profit. Perhaps, build a garage will be Your place of rest or workshop, or maybe, a key point for successful business; as it’s a fact that many great projects started with a garage in the neighborhood. Here we will talk about what types of garage design ideas exist. Also you will find photo options for garages.

Garage designs ideas

•    Gable roof garage design — is a construction that rests on two walls of the same height. Such roofs have two slopes. The end part resembles a triangle in its shape.

•    Reverse gable roof garage design — is very popular for the construction of garages due to fairly simple technology and high speed of installation. The design consists of saddle roof with straight slopes. The optimal angle of the slope is about 45° – this design is able to withstand severe snow and wind loads.

Gable roof garage design

•    Hip roof garage design — is a design where each of the four rays will be made in the form of equilateral triangle, and their vertices are connected in one center.

Hip roof garage design

•    I-joist — their main structural element are beams, which are usually located at regular intervals. Elements of filling rest on them, which bear the enclosing function. By the type of material distinguish ferro-concrete, metal and wooden beams.

•    Balloon construction — it’s a modern framing for a gable wall. This wall framing method has greater strength to resist high wind loads. Balloon framing provides more usable storage space above.

Shelters for the car can be built in different ways. All depends on financial possibilities, personal preferences and available territory on building.  Garage can be attached to the house from the end of the house or behind it, or built-in under the house itself. There are brick garages, slag-block or metal garages, also it can be multi-storey underground and ground parking garage design.

But the most popular are detached garages, which are best placed closer to the entrance to the land, so that through the entire territory do not build access roads. Well combining the price and convenience in planning the site, a detached garage can always be put in a suitable way to go to the road or hide it over outbuilding.

Summarizing all the above said, it should be noted that experts and drivers themselves give preferences to different types of garage design plans depending on the location, be it in city or countryside, and destination, that is, for one, two or more cars. And our specialists will design a garage according to your needs and wishes.


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