Garage process

Our Garage Construction Process

After Platinum Construction is contracted, we are as eager to start your project as you are. Platinum Construction is ready to begin the process. Our main goal is to make this as stress free as possible for you and earn your trust. This is how we do it.

Garage Construction Diagram

1. 4” Concrete Floor
2. Steel Reinforced
3. Stone Base
4. 8" Thick Foundation
5. Water Ledge
6. Pitched Slab
7. Apron (where applicable, not included in quote)
8. Electrical Conduit Stub
9. Anchor Bolt Reinforcement

10. Kiln-Dried Lumber
11. Waterproof Bottom Plates
12. Studs 2"x 4", 16" O.C.
13. Sway Bracing
14. Maintenance-Free Windows (optional)
15. Double 2"x 4" Corner Posts
16. 2 2x12 headers
17. Vinyl Siding (optional)
18. Siding Butted to Casings
19. Finished Corners
20. Double Wall Construction
21. Entry Lock
22. 36" Steel Raised Panel Door (fiberglass)
23. Aluminum Threshold
24. Heavy Gauge Steel Door
25. Weather Stripping Seal
26. Molding Around All Doors
27. Maintenance Free Garage Door

28. 25-Year Shingles
29. 15 Pound Felt
30. Aluminum Fascia & Vinyl Soffit System
31. 2"x 6" Cross Ties Anchored
32. 2"x 6" Custom Cut Rafters
33. 2"x 8" Hip & Ridge
34. 2"x 12" Plate
35. Two Roof Vents (optional)
36. Vinyl siding

Garage Building Permits

  • The first step is the permit process. Few cities require permit to be approved before ABR ( Architectural Board of Review)
  • Some townships require Zoning aproval (customer responsible)
  • After all necessary garage building permits are obtained Platinum Construction can begin.


  • Scheduling is essential to every project. Platinum Construction know this. In order for a project to run efficiently, your project manager schedules each phase. He will be in contact with you letting you know exactly when and what you are on schedule for, as well as answering any questions you may have.
  • Each of our experienced crews is well aware of this. We are always in constant contact working together to complete your project.

Garage Demolition

  • Our experienced demo crew comes in and carefully removes the existing garage and concrete slab.
  • We use light weight trailers ( no heavy dumpsters)  We remove all construction debris to be ready for the concrete crew.

Concrete for Garages

  • Our expert concrete crew comes in and prepares the area for your concrete installation. Your garage floor is installed meeting all local building code requirements. 
  • After the concrete is installed and ready for building we schedule for the materials to be delivered to construct your garage.

Garage Building

  • Our skilled Amish carpentry crew comes in and constructs your custom garage. After the garage is built the electrician will come in to install your electric.

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